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This is a little fic I work on sporadically i.e when I can be bothered/have an idea/ in an extremely silly mood. I haven't posted any of it over here yet so you get the two old chapters plus the brand new shiny one today! Yay!

Beware: herein lies absolute fucking CRACKFIC.

The Adventures of Rosa Bonaparte 1 )

The Adventures of Rosa Bonaparte 2 )

The Adventures of Rosa Bonaparte 3 *Brand new*  )

Yeah, I like the idea of pervert!Sophie. :P

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NanoWriMo starts on November 1st.

I really enjoyed doing it in 2007 although it left my hands damaged. Sooo...considering I'm going to be uuuuber busy (winkwink nudge nudge Petit-san) in November ANYWAY, I've come up with a little way I can participate but not to the huge hand-shattering extent I did back in 07.

You know me and my habit for procrastination on fanfics. Next month I propose to finish one of the fics I have been stalling on a little too much. But my shugahshugahs, YOU get to decide which one :D I've picked my three big stumbling blocks so your options are as follows:

1: Dominion: Fire eXcess
Dominion Tank Police/Temchi Muyo/Pretty Sammy crossover/AU thats been on the burner for ooooh...12 years?

2: Blue and White-Series 2 What Will The Neighbours Say?
Second "season" of the Foxy/Jean story which leads inevitably up to Series 3: Venomous. Recap for those of y'all who missed it first time around:

3: The Dinahthay Chronicles-Series 1
Doctor Who AU starring my own little dalek girl, Dinahthay Jasseca Caan. This would I be cheating considering I'm halfway through "episode" 2 of this one, just need a kick up the butt to get going again!

So, my writing fate for the next month lies in your hands.


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