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Okay so what am I doing this weekend?

First off taking part in CRAFTfest! Which is an online craft fair with over 130 stalls! I think now is the time to come and do some xmas shopping don't you?

My stall is here:

Main CRAFTfest page:

I'm really sure that EVERYBODY can find something on there for someone maybe even yourself :D

Also, the CraftBritannia Team BNR is on again this weekend! I'm curating tonight, tomorrow and Saturday for an hour each so why don't you pop by and say hi, maybe buy?

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Some of the wicked stuff I have seen whilst traversing the wonderful world of Etsy:

First off pimping my CraftBrit girls and guys: Even if you don't like the art, check out the descriptions, they make me smile everytime :D Amazingly gorgeous clay work. i am sooo tempted by the star button here: Funny chap, looks like Noel Fielding XD I bought a ring from this lass and it's awesome :P Found out this lass lives in the next town over. Lovely jewellery! People are probably going to start receiving this lass' pocket mirrors as stocking fillers, I'm just sayin'... Twinkly is giving everyone help with improving their SEO rankings. It's only right she gets a little pimpage in return <3 Return pimpage for Vee as she made one of my pieces skyrocket in views by tweeting it. Mwah!! Also, she does pillows. Pillows are soft and therefore, awesome.

Other folks I've stumbled upon: I IS DEAD OF CUTE. B?eads, beaaads! Amazing artwork Utterly stunning shots. MORE amzing art!

Etsy has a system called Treasury where you can set up a gallery of items based on a theme or stuff you like etc. Here's the two I've done so far:

Oh, and yeah think it'd be a bit remiss to not pimp myself ey?

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Phew! Late bracelet Wednesday is a go :D

Been feeling really wiped this week. Did not think that doing the Etsy and the regular 9-5 would knacker me so much so feeling pretty wussy lol. Think I will have to revise my timetable for next week. Wednesdays are a bad day for me as is with karate and stuff, trying to upload stuff on a Wednesday was never going to work and I should have known that.

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Uploaded two earrings for my "Earrings Monday" should have been more but man I am in such a rut with earrings right now.

Also a new friend from Etsy is having a giveaway on her blog. Come check it out :D

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15 items now listed. Tell your friends and whatnot. Starting Monday I will be having theme days-earrings on Mon, bracelets on Wednesday and necklaces on Friday. So keep a weather eye on the shop kay? :)

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Five items up already, more to come.

Plan is after this week to do an earrings day, bracelet day and necklace day so uploading 3 times a week.


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I'll be usng my DW account for more arty farty type things-Beading/fic etc. So watch out for that if you could please :D.

In a random arty farty update, I have my credit agreement from Halifax, so am sending it off tomorrow and then can has CC then can has Etsy. Yeee! I'm hoping I'll sell something, it would really suck not to lol.

Have also started ordering my random sketches on random bits of paper, am going to stick them in soem notebooks. Not like I'm short on notebooks.


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