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Today my eldest girl turns 8. Officially she's now an old cat-lady. But we shan't tell her that.

The kitten who would become Masked Outsider Lady Kane was born to my first cat and my first witchcat, Cleopatra's Nirvana on 1st July 2003. Sadly, ue to then unknown leukemia Cleo had got from her babies' father and which later killed her, Kane and her brother Bailey wer the only survivors out of a of a litter of six. In case you're wondering Kane is the dark kitten at the top, nearest her mum.

Her genetics are certainly interesting-as you can see, her mum was pure white but her grandfather-Cleo's dad was black and white. Her dad was a big ginger feral tom and somehow this crazy mix did not give me the white and ginger kittens I was expecting but three tortie and whites and three whites. The other surviving kitten, Bailey was like his mum, pure white.

At the time, I did not know that Torties are 99.9% of the time female and Dad said when we were looking at the bbies that evening "That one has a mask like Kane!" (The wrestler who now does not wear the aforesaid mask but hey-ho, there you go )as me and dad were quite the WWE fans back in the day. I suppose she can cunt herself lucky as if she had been born a view years later, she might have ended up with the name Jason!! anyway, the name for her stuck and whilst her siblings were dying off left right and centre it was Kane we decided we would keep out of the litter, Bailey eventually going to my momma.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of Baby!Kane except the aove as our camera wasn't the best but her and he borther caused mayhem before he went to Momma, fighting in dad's workboots, chewing the brake handle on my pushbike, fighting over a shepard's pie container-which was bloody hilarious as Kane had her head in the container, licking away and she was pushing and the container was moving and she was just walking along with it, head stuck in it, Bailey on the outside trying to get at it, her growling at him all the while. I wish I had a video, I was cracking up.

Anyway Bailey left for momma's and then we had Kane and cleo. Cleo then turned into the mother from hell, she actually I do beleive tried to kill the baby at 12 weeks old, had her pinned by her throat against my bed and Kane was literally *screaming*. I got her off her naturally and scolded her.

Perhaps because her dad was feral an she thus, had a big streak of wild in her, it took us a while to get Kane to trust us, despite the fact she was born in the house. She did not like to be near us, would not purr until I locked her in my room with me and then she realised that I wasn't so bad. She's mellowed out nowadays but only with me and dad-she still wants absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone else. When my momma was here yesterday she actually went and hid under the bed to avoid going to see her! and one of my friends didn't see her FACE for 4 years! she only ever saw the tail normally disappearing round a corner! Which is a shame as it's a lovely face.

Also her wild streak made her the ultimate hunter, once bringing home three pigeons in as many days thus earning her the nicknames of The Backward Tiger, The Huntress and The Feline Vorhees. Kane still hunts occasionally but she tends to leave that sort of jibber-jabber to my youngest, Shayera. Her and her mother had the nicknames Angel-Paws and Devil-Paws at one point. Man, did that come to bite me in the arse when Cleo died-she is a true Angel-Paws now.

Surprisingly, when Cleo died, Kane did grieve for her quite alot and this was after a year and half nearly of her mother refusing to eithe rbe in the same room as her or attacking her if she saw her. She waited on the doorstep for two hours, expecting her to walk down the hill the night she died and let out the most heartbreakingly sad little meow when I showed her her mum's collar and she finally got it. For a few weeks after that, she was very clingy to me and slept on my chest in the same way as her mum did.

Thankfully, the leukemia did not pass to Kane which was very surprising and eventually later in the year her mother died we landed with another kitten, this time a boy who would become Horatio (His previous people had thought he was a girl and he came with pink bed, scratching post, food bowls, ball, collar...) after a couple of weeks huffiness, Kane warmed to him and treated him like a son, cleaning him, playing with him etc. They got on very well those two and horati is the only cat who I can remember Kane actually *liking*-she tolerates our youngest, Shayera to a certain extent and her own niece, Rhia (who was sadly stolen) she never seemed to like-maybe because Rhia was the spit of her mother-bad memories of abusive white cats!

One of the most hilarious moments came when I rung up our old vets to get her spayed.
"I'd like to bok my cat in for a spay"
"Okay, whats her name?"
":embarrassed pause: Are you sure its a girl?"

Yeah, Kaney gets that a lot. It doesn't help that shes the toughest cat in the street. Very few cats will try to mess with Kane.

Eventually she took over her mother's mantle as my witchcat and has a good relationship with my familiar-I have often found her, if scared by strangers in the house, curled up on top of him/ where he is. she instinctivally knows if I am sad or upset and comes running to comfort me, even if she is fast asleep elsewhere. she also has this habit of ninja-ing-we literally cannot find her anywhere and she will appear later like "Dude, what are you looking at?" I swear there is a secret cats-only dimensional void in my house and she just pops through, has some catnip/tuna/plays with mice/birds/sleeps and then comes back when she feels like it! She also managed to get in the house one day when all the windows and doors were shut and no-one was in the house. Spooky little beggar. Compaed to Shayera though she is ludicrously well-behaved. XD

So happy birthday Masked Outsider Lady Kane. Here's to at LEAST eight more years I hope! I love you, Devil-Paws.

Kane nd Shayera

"I ain't scared of no Dalek!"

Gorgeous markings

"Seriously, WHAT are you looking at?"

Horatio, Kane and Rhia-this is what we call a Hell Freezes Over Moment.

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