Jun. 5th, 2011

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Whoo it's been a lonnnng time since I actually bought NEW MUSIC. But considering Nicola's my favourite member of Girl's Aloud and always has been and I've been fighting her corner for a decade how could I say no?

Anyway, my favourite little redhead has finally struck out on her own and got herself a little single out!! Oh Gawd you're thnking, not another wannabe solo star from a band? No, actually it's really rather good. I mean, really rather good. It's upbeat ad poppy and awesome!

Okay so the video isn't exactly blowing-your-mind stuff but hey, first single and it looks like she really had fun doing it. And I loooove her high-side ponytail at the end. And the geometric sweater XD.

But the song is a piece of pure pop genius. On first listen it's really fun and poppy and catchy-definitely an earworm. Then you actually listen to the words and it seems to be *very* personal as to the way Nic's been treated during her time in GA-peope calling the "ugly" one the sour faced one etc. "Baby in the corner/learnng quick/....Look how strong you've made me now/Doesn't it make your heart go wild/How I've turned this whole thing round?" Seriously, rock on, Nicola.

The B side itunes preorder exclusive (try saying that ten times fast!) , "Porcelain Heart" is also really really gorgeous. Again, seemingly personal and it starts off amazingly with a very fairytal-ish tinkling sound leading into a slightly more upbeat chours "As good as gold/...I wouldn't change a single thing/ my only friend/ let's dance again/ but please don't break my porcelain heart" And the note she manages to belt out near the end...WOW. If this is the quality of the stuff Nicola's putting out NOW, I can't bloody wait for the album!

Absolutely 10 out of 10. Little baby in the corner is comin' out fighting!


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